July 30, 2018 paul

The Synergos Outcome

We were designed to work in groups. We’re social creatures wired for teamwork and interaction. Collaboration is intrinsic to our DNA. Even if you work alone you rely on others. How many times have you checked a fact out on the web today? How often have you called another subject matter expert to get their opinion of your project? How many vendors are feeding you resources?

Few, if any, create ex nihilo; out of nothing. We co-operate, join forces, team up and work together to produce something greater than we could have if left alone. The process is energizing, inspiring, and fun. It’s how we’re wired.

When operating effectively in teams we produce a result much greater than each worker could if toiling at the same task alone. But that’s not its only benefit. It’s not just the product that we’re looking for. It’s the experience, the journey, the feeling that comes from a high-functioning team working at peak performance. It’s that handoff to the slam dunk, the perfect swing, the flawless pass to the waiting receiver that feels and looks so good while it’s happening.

Teams working in that state of flow are rare. But when they happen synergos results. Synergos is the Greek term from which we derive our English word, synergy. It means, working together. As we move deeper and deeper into project-based work and the teams that result, it becomes increasingly important that we attain that flow state. It doesn’t happen magically. It takes effort. Skill. Cooperation.

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