September 4, 2018 paul

Fueling the Corporate Renaissance: Autonomy and Authenticity

A ladder leading up to an escape hatch. 3D render with HDRI lighting and raytraced textures.

There’s a renaissance going on in business globally. A shift is taking place in our workforce. Management and labor are coming to an awareness that the current culture within our corporations needs to change if we want to continue to be productive.

What’s interesting about this renaissance is that it’s coming from both directions. Leadership and workers, for different reasons, are coming to the conclusion that they both need something more satisfying from their work environment.

Workers are demanding more autonomy. If they’re going to produce in the 21st century they are going to need the freedom to move creatively within their sphere. They’re going to need the freedom to access resources without going through some lengthy protocol that saps them of motivation.

With this change in the workforce, leaders are seeing that they need to lead with more authenticity. Command and control doesn’t cut it. Understanding their true place on the team, the contribution they make, is essential. Making a deeper connection with the whole worker is more productive and healthier.

This renaissance is just beginning. The terms of this new contract are still being hammered out. Many are adjusting, slowly. That’s fine. Change comes best in two-degree increments. Just understanding each other better is a step in the right direction. Discovering the part we play on a team with a clear objective is helpful. Coming to an appreciation of who we are as coworkers, and what we want from this effort that takes the majority of our waking hours is instructive, gratifying, and enlightening.

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